Company Profile

Tandu Technologies & Security Systems Ltd. was established in 1988 by Dr. Eyal Dotan, a private business entrepreneur, and another partner – a veteran of the Israeli defense establishment.

In 1997, Dr. Eyal Dotan acquired his partner’s shares and today the Company is fully owned by him. Additionally, Dr. Dotan serves as Company President & CEO.

In 1994, the Tandu Group, fully owned by Dr. Dotan, was founded. The Group consists of Tandu Security Ltd., Tandu Technologies & Security Systems Ltd., Tandi Agriculture Ltd., Epsilon Sigma Holdings Ltd. and LMT Ltd.

Since its establishment, the Company has been involved in the planning, engineering, management and execution of projects in such fields as security & information security (cyber), infrastructures & technologies, consulting & research, software, instruction, operation & infrastructures, in Israel and overseas, for government ministries & agencies, municipal authorities, government corporations, private corporations and utility service companies.

The range of services the Company offers is extensive and highly diversified and includes, among other things, the primary fields of activity outlined below:

  • Operational & conceptual consulting for security.
  • Security engineering, technological characterization & design of security layouts.
  • Characterization, design & implementation of communication, electricity, traffic control & low voltage, public address, surveillance, early warning/ alert, multimedia, audio-visual and fire detection systems, building management systems (BMS) & command & control center systems.
  • Planning & execution of training courses & seminars.
  • Preparations for Emergencies & for Maintaining Business/Functional Continuity
  • Organizational, technological, logistic & strategic consulting & research.
  • Consulting & planning of information (cyber) security.
  • Operation of systems, processes & organizations.


As stated, Tandu Technologies & security Systems Ltd. possesses extensive experience in the management and execution of complex infrastructure and technological projects, on a nation-wide basis, for private and government clients. We excel at such activities as comprehensive planning, functional characterization and detailed design of systems and infrastructures/utilities and in managing multidisciplinary teams for the purpose of providing a complete solution to the client’s requirements.