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Shmuel Pilosof

Senior security & dignitary protection consultant at Tandu. Served as head of the Dignitary Protection Unit in his last position with ISA. Bachelor’s degree in political science (Bar-Ilan University). Extensive operational and management experience in security generally and dignitary protection in particular. Mr. Pilosof is a foremost authority in all fields of security, based on his experience in the management of sensitive and significant security projects in Israel and worldwide.

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Ophir Malkin (Major, res.)

Law degree (University of Haifa), serves as an organizational and operational consultant with Tandu. Extensive experience in the management of projects for the Company.

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Arie Strikovski (Lieutenant-Colonel, res.)

Electronics & communication practical engineer, senior consultant and designer of large-scale communication & telecommunication infrastructures & systems, operations centers and boardrooms. Managed various projects for defense establishment organs generally and for the IDF in particular, major public organizations, civilian and government agencies.

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Menachem (Mena) Bacharach (Brigadier-General, res.)

Bachelor’s degree in criminology & economics. Senior international expert in aviation security, counterterrorism & special operations. Served in various positions in Israel’s government security organs and participated in dozens of consulting projects in Israel and around the globe, including risk surveys and the preparation and implementation of security plans.

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Jonathan (Yoni) Vert (Colonel, res.)

Master’s degree in public administration (Bar-Ilan University), serves as the head of Tandu’s naval/maritime activities. Served in the IDF Navy for 28 years in senior command positions, including submarine commander, commander of the submarine flotilla and commander of the IDF Navy Personnel Division. Extensive experience in security projects and operation and research projects on subjects associated with naval/maritime activities.


Anton Tolmatchev

Electronics technician, senior designer and project manager on behalf of Tandu, integrator of CCTV, access control, burglar alarm and other systems, including close supervision and support from the design stage through the installation process and operation to the actual delivery to the client.


Igor Pinyasov

Serves as designer and supervisor of security layouts in Tandu’s technical team. Managed numerous projects on the Company’s behalf.


Karin Agami

With a bachelor’s degree in criminology and a master’s degree in public administration (Tel-Aviv University), Karin Agami has served as a senior project coordinator and manager with Tandu for the past 10 years. Extensive experience in the management of large-scale projects. Responsible for the performance and synergy of the consultants on the Company’s behalf vis-à-vis the clients.


Yelena Gilman

Chief bookkeeper for the Tandu Group.

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Avraham Nir (Lieutenant-Colonel, res.)

Graduate of the IDF extended command & staff course, senior consultant with Tandu specializing in the preparation of standard operating procedures at the organizational and national levels. Extensive experience in the preparation and management of national-level training exercises associated with the management of the rear area during wartime situations.


Miki Barkai (Lieutenant-Colonel, res.)

Master’s degree in electronics engineering, serves as specialist consultant in the field of computer and communication systems. Extensive experience in the design of communication systems and infrastructures and in project management.