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Characterization of the Future Logistic Concept of the Swiss Armed Forces for the Swiss Ministry of Defense

Development of a modern logistic concept using the “push” supply method instead of the previous concept that was based on the “pull” method; development of the concept based on a reference scenario we had written which was subsequently sanctioned by the Swiss General Staff; compilation of all doctrinal manuals and presentations sanctioned by the Swiss General Staff and by the Swiss Parliament.

Characterization & Development of LOLAS – a Logistic Simulator for the Swiss Ministry of Defense

Characterization, design, development and assimilation of a logistic simulation system for planning the logistic solution for combat units and for training logistic officers from the battalion level to the divisional level. The system enables dynamic monitoring of armored fighting vehicle and standard vehicle losses and consumption of resources in the various situations of an armed confrontation.

Establishment of the Israel National Road Safety Authority for the Ministry of Transport & Road Safety and the Government of Israel

Characterization, design and execution of the process of establishing the new National Road Safety Authority in the context of a task undertaken for the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety in accordance with the Road Safety Authority Law. The task included the definition of the organizational vision; function/position, responsibility and authority definitions; development of a concept of operations for the organization; specification of organizational structures and interactions within the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety and vis-à-vis all other government ministries; development of procedures for the various functions/positions; characterization and definition/specification of the organizational information systems; personnel recruitment and training; planning of wage payment and incentive methods; planning of the organizational budget and budget auditing method; planning of the interrelations/interaction with and assignment of missions to the local authorities; management of the task of training and employing road safety elements within the local authorities; coordination of and support for the process of establishing the new Authority vis-à-vis the government ministries, including the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of the Interior.

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