Security and defense training courses


Since its establishment, Tandu Technologies & Security Systems Ltd. has been involved and has specialized in the planning and execution of instruction activities, training courses and advanced training seminars. To date, the Company has executed numerous training courses and advanced training seminars on operational and technical subjects in Israel and overseas, and has established training and instruction schools and instructor training programs. The missions and activities executed by the Tandu team in this field include characterization, planning, management & execution of training courses & seminars on defense & security. As a preparatory stage, our activity normally includes preliminary studying & specification of the instruction & training requirements, specification of the required level of competence, preparation of a comprehensive plan for the actual instruction/training, development of training contents & preparation of detailed training programs and syllabi, preparation of lesson outlines & instructor/trainee portfolios, specification of training aid requirements and planning & execution of training courses. Tandu gained its extensive experience by delivering hundreds of training courses in various fields of defense and security, including operational training courses in counterterrorism, dignitary protection, establishment of a presidential guard, various law enforcement activities such as tracking, interrogation, investigation, employment of covert operatives and agents, forensic science and the training of civilian security personnel. Additionally, the Company offers training courses in operational driving and driving under pressure to defense and security agencies as well as to drivers required to operate under special circumstances. Our instructor team consists of operational specialists and technical specialists, all possessing extensive operational and professional experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of training and instruction. Each one of our instructors specializes in a unique aspect or activity of good training practices, instruction methods and the use of unique training systems and aids. This specialized knowledge is reflected in the process of planning and developing the training courses and activities as well as during the actual implementation of these activities.

Dignitary protection, installation security, IEOD disposal, K-9 handling, security officers, counterterrorism, unarmed combat, operational shooting, information security, guards/security personnel, tracking, intelligence, scanning for explosive devices, investigations, interrogation methods, forensic science, snipers, search and rescue, first aid, survival and monitoring.

Security technologies, very low voltage systems, electricity, generators, UPS and communication.

Operational/advanced driving (high-speed, off-road/built-up/open terrain, flat/mountainous terrain, summer/winter, day/night, night driving under darkness/ blackout conditions, convoy/motorcade driving), driving under special conditions (weight, center of gravity), off-road driving (dirt roads, limestone roads, sandy terrain, afforested terrain, negotiating obstacles/ravines, towing & extrication, operating special resources, etc.), driving under pressure (emergencies, threats inside/outside the vehicle).

Selected projects

Dignitary Protection Survey for the Punjab Police, India

2013 - 2014 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering , Security and defense training courses , security operational consulting

Design of a Security Layout for Banco Espirito Santo (BES), Lisbon, Portugal

Design of a Security Layout for Banco Espirito Santo (BES), Lisbon, Portugal Definition/specification of the operational need and Special Operational Requirement (SOR); characterization and design of a physical security layout for all of the bank’s facilities and for the private residences of the top executives, including detailed design and preparation of an international tender.

2013 | Security and defense training courses

Security for Confrontation Line Settlements in the Judea & Samaria District & around the Gaza Strip for the IDF Home Front Command

Characterization and design of security layouts for more than 100 settlements along the confrontation lines in the Judea and Samaria District and around the Gaza Strip, executed by IDF Home Front Command and financed by the Settlement Division at IMOD.

2013 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering , Security and defense training courses

Training in the use of Curved Trajectory Weapons by SOLTAM for the Kenya Army

Development of training kits; planning and delivery of training on the use of mortars by SOLTAM in Kenya.

2009 | Security and defense training courses

Establishment & Training of a Security Company for a Privately-Owned Corporation in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Development of operating and work procedures; selection, recruitment and training of security personnel; characterization of deliverables and establishment of the company’s command and control center; development of the communication layout and supply of resources; supply of dedicated security vehicles.

2007 | Security and defense training courses , security operational consulting

Driving Instruction & Training Services for Israel Police

Characterization, planning and delivery of training courses in operational driving, advanced driving, driving under pressure and off-road driving, in four-wheel and two-wheel vehicles, for the combat teams of various police units.

2006-2009 | Consulting & Research Services , Security and defense training courses

Training of the Security Layout of the National Bank of Latvia

Characterization, planning and delivery of a comprehensive training course to combat teams of the bank’s security unit, including definition/specification of the training requirements; development of training programs and lesson outlines; establishment of a training facility; actual delivery of a counterterrorism training course and a dignitary protection training course.

1996 | Security and defense training courses

Establishment of the Nigerian Presidential Guard

Planning of the organizational structure of the unit, its various departments and chain of command; definition/specification and design of the required equipment; development of lesson outlines; planning of training exercises and execution of the final training exercise. Project included all of the specialized training courses required by the unit, from the preliminary selection stage through specialized training courses for warfighters, team leaders, IEOD/demolition specialists, rappelling specialists, snipers, medical orderlies (first aid), takeover procedures (bus, ship, aircraft), operational driving and dignitary protection. Additionally, the project included the supply of all unit equipment, training in the use of the equipment and the outfitting of the dedicated vehicles, including a warfighter vehicle, an IEOD/demolition specialist vehicle, a communication relaying vehicle, a command and control vehicle and an ambulance.

1996 | Security and defense training courses

Establishment & Training of Ertzaintza – the Police Force of the Basque Country, Spain

Establishment and training of the police force of the Basque Country in Spain, from the moment the decision was made to convert the organization into a police force in 1988, to the year 2002, when it had an operational personnel of 8,000. The project included the design of the organizational structure and chain of command, more than 50 different training courses in all police occupational specialties, including command courses and training of police personnel in covert operations following their basic training, as well as the procurement of specialized tracking equipment. More than 50 different training courses were delivered in the following fields of activity: • Tracking/trailing course. • Technical tracking course. • Interrogation/investigation course. • Forensic science technician course. • Establishment of a forensic science organ. • IEOD neutralizing course. • Tracking commander course. • Tracking NCO course. • Intelligence officer course. • Internal security officer course. • Covert agent handler course. • Selection and sorting of personnel to the various training courses. • Two-year mentoring for covert agent handlers.

1993 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering , Security and defense training courses

Training of Security Personnel in Colombia

Delivery of a dedicated security training course to dignitary protection and installation security personnel.

1993 | Security and defense training courses