Security and infrastructure systems engineering


Tandu Technologies & Security Systems Ltd. specializes in the management and execution of security engineering projects that include the technological characterization and design of security layouts.

The Company’s range of capabilities in this field includes the functional characterization of security & protection systems & infrastructures, definition & specification of the technological solution, international market surveys and cost-effectiveness analyses of systems & technologies, characterization of a comprehensive architecture for the security systems & infrastructures, preparation of detailed plans for systems & infrastructures, procurement and installation specifications, implementation and maintenance of systems and infrastructures, preparation of estimates & bills of quantities, support for procurement processes (RFI and RFP), project management & supervision, preparation of specifications for execution, acceptance tests and actual reception of the systems.

The significant advantage of the Tandu team is in its ability to provide a complete solution to the client’s requirements, even in the context of complex, large-scale, nation-wide or global missions that require integration of a diversified range of fields of knowledge, within short and strict timetables.

Tandu has a sizable team of engineers, technicians and technical specialists, all seasoned technological experts who hail from the various technological units of the Israeli defense, security and intelligence agencies, as well as from academia and industry.

Our team possesses a profound understanding and extensive experience spanning many years of providing answers and technological system-wide solutions to basic and complex operational requirements in the planning, management and execution of defense and security projects, while demonstrating a high level of proficiency in matching technological capabilities to operational requirements.

Our engineers maintain their on-going and in-depth familiarity with the best and most advanced technologies and equipment being developed in Israel and worldwide.

CCTV (Closed-Circuit TV cameras – day/night, indoors/outdoors, analog/full HD/IP, thermal/combined, stationary/mobile, fixed/PTZ, lenses, encoders, decoders, NVR/DVR, etc.), electronic fence systems (mesh/welded fences, new/existing infrastructure, single/dual technology, etc.), surveillance (short-range, long-range), integral Video Analytics (VA) in cameras/video server, Video Motion Detection (VMD), alert and distress (landline and wireless, volumetric/ motion, Anti-Mask, IR, break-glass, magnetic, horns, etc.), guard control, access control (detectors, cards, readers, intercom, videophone, code keypads, magnetic metal detector gates, handheld magnetic metal detectors, turnstiles, quick passages, electrical locks, panic mechanisms, light/cantilever/electrical gates, bollards, etc.), Gun Shot Detection (GSD), License Plate Recognition (LPR) (cameras, gates, databases, integration), audio and video recording & retrieval (local/remote/central), Radar systems (persistent/scanning, short/long range, land/maritime, surveillance/tracking, stationary/mobile, etc.).

Architecture, structure, functionality, integration, incorporation of new/existing systems, ConOps (Concept of Operation), Video Management Systems (VMS), remote operating stations, hierarchies, interfaces, subsystem support, reports, backups, operator/user interfaces.

Architecture (structure/layout, functional breakdown, sketches, drawings, etc.), systems and infrastructures (communication, electricity, communication rooms), operation (linkages, databases, data sharing, data dissemination), displays (personal/group, screens/screen walls, management and control, etc.).

The infrastructure and utility systems supporting the operation of the security systems inside/between buildings/sites, in a specific site/space or nation-wide, including communication (landline/wireless radio/microwave/cellular, narrowband/wideband, privately-owned/rented, IPVPN, networks, etc.) and electricity (low voltage, generators, UPS, solar power).

System characteristics & specifications, required functionality, quantitative and qualitative parameters & criteria for system testing, weighting criteria, technical/ operational trial program, specification of required inputs, engineering & logistic management and actual execution of tests & trials, concentration & analysis of technical/operational data, support for system/model certification & validation processes.

Selected projects

safe city project – Eastern Jerusalem

2015 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering , safe city

Security & Multimedia Systems for IMOD Museums

Characterization and design of the security and multimedia layouts at all IMOD museums.

2014 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering , security operational consulting

Security & Information Security Services for the Israel Electric Corporation

On-going consulting in the various fields of security, including information security; design of the security layouts for all IEC installations; development of an information security campaign for IEC; design of a command and control vehicle; design of security/ protection for a lifting platform used in the maintenance of high-voltage poles in high-risk areas; design of physical protection systems; design of fire detection and extinguishing systems.

2014 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering , security operational consulting

Security System at the Logistic Center of the Mega Retail Chain

Characterization, design and support for the implementation of security and protection systems for addressing criminal and terrorist threats and loss prevention issues at the Company’s main logistic center.

2014 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering

Security & Protection Systems at an Office Building for the Israel Securities Authority

Characterization, design and support for the implementation of security and protection systems including the compilation of technical specifications, bills of quantities, estimates and drawings; support for the procurement and implementation processes; supervision and acceptance testing of the systems and infrastructures

2014 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering , security operational consulting

Safe City / Smart City Project in Astana, Capital of Kazakhstan, for EOC Partners

Risk survey; definition/specification of the operational need and Special Operational Requirement (SOR); definition/specification of the security concept and concept of operations for the security layout; compilation of technical specifications and work directives for the contractors; detailed design for the implementation of security and protection systems at specific sites within the municipal jurisdiction.

2014 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering , safe city , security operational consulting

Risk Survey at an Eastern European Airport for the NICE Company

Planning and execution of a risk survey for the security of a major international airport in Eastern Europe.

2014 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering

Dignitary Protection Survey for the Punjab Police, India

2013 - 2014 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering , Security and defense training courses , security operational consulting

Dignitary Protection Services for Banco Espirito Santo (BES), Lisbon, Portugal

Dignitary Protection Services for Banco Espirito Santo (BES), Lisbon, Portugal Definition of the operational need for securing the bank’s senior executives; recruitment and training of the dignitary protection personnel; management of a select security team in Lisbon, charged with protecting the bank’s owners and top executives.

2013 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering

Security for the Shanti House Youth Village – Pro Bono Project

Characterization, design, management and supervision of a CCTV and public address system for the Shanti House Desert Youth Village at Tziporim Junction near Sede-Boker. This was a pro bono publico project executed as a donation to the Shanti House, which included assistance from Israel’s leading integrators

2013 | Security and Ifrastructure systems engineering