Safe city work plan

The work plan consists of the definition and specification of the concept and requirements followed by the preliminary design activity.

Security Survey/Review

This activity consists of a security survey/review conducted in the city and concentration of information regarding the existing situation, threat data (terrorism, violence, vandalism, criminal activity, etc.), threat areas, times at which incidents take place, participants, city layout, areas, neighborhoods, industrial zones, leisure and entertainment districts, parks, existing infrastructures/utilities/systems, the organizational structure of the municipal security layout, existing security infrastructures and systems, personnel and capabilities in the municipal layout, interaction, responsibilities and authority definitions in the municipal layout, working relations and interaction with other elements (police, fire department, emergency services), responsibility and authority definitions of other organizations, procedures and methods for managing routine activities and incidents, command and control center and any other information, as required for the planning of the security layout of the safe city.

Definition/Specification of the Operational Need

Definition/specification of the operational need for a security layout (personnel, procedures, security concept and technologies). The operational need sets forth the requirements to be met by the security layout in general terms such as vision, primary objectives, main layout elements, required products, a description of the methods for accomplishing the objectives of the security layout with regard to prevention, intervention and incrimination, specification of quantitative and qualitative criteria to be met by the layout, information flow processes and reporting procedures for routine operations and irregular incidents, the functional requirements to be met by the technological system and the general architecture of the security layout.

Definition/Specification of the Security & Operation Concept

Definition/specification of the over-all concept for the safe city security layout. Specification of the goals and objectives of the security layout, specification of the manner in which the layout will be implemented, specification of the concept of “area of interest” and listing the areas of interest in the city, prioritizing the areas of interest, specification of the general organizational structure of the security layout, specification of the various technology types and the deployment thereof, personnel and procedure definitions, specification of the layout architecture, organizations, hierarchy, interaction with other elements, responsibility and authority definitions, organizational structures, information flow and reporting processes, principles of operation during routine and emergency situations and in the actual management of incidents.

Definition/Specification of the Operational Requirement

Definition/specification of the operational requirement for the security layout. Description of the city, description of the “area of interest” concept, descriptions of the actual areas of interest, specification of the threats for each area of interest, specification of the operational requirement in response to the threats for each area of interest, description of the system elements, specification of the operational requirement for the technological layout and personnel, specification of the operational requirement for the command & control center and the command & control system, specification of the organizational and security requirements for the layout, specification of the requirements for the communication infrastructures and systems and for the technological response layout.

Preliminary Design

Initial definition of the response/solution to the operational requirement. Specification of the various types of systems and the deployment thereof in the city and in each area of interest in response to the operational requirement, communication systems and infrastructures, systems and infrastructures at the command and control center, system integration requirements and layout implementation estimates.

Relevant System Categories

  • CCTV
  • VMD
  • Public address
  • Alert/early warning
  • Distress
  • Surveillance
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Gunfire detection
  • Audio & video recording systems
  • Command & control systems
  • Access control systems
  • Communication systems & infrastructures.

Detailed Design & Technical specifications

Detailed design of the technological layout. Specification of system categories/types and the methods for implementing them in the areas of interest and at the command and control center, specification of communication types and the deployment of communication infrastructures, characterization of the command and control system, preparation of technical specifications for procurement, installation and maintenance of systems and infrastructures.

Support of the Procurement

Participation in contractor briefing, providing answers to technical questions, receiving and reviewing the contractor’s bids/proposals.

Management & Supervision

Management of the project, on-going support and supervision of the implementation of the systems and infrastructures in the city. Keeping track of timetables, charges and compliance with the requirements of the technical specifications.

System Acceptance

Preparation of specifications for acceptance tests for the systems and infrastructures, execution of acceptance tests and actual acceptance of the systems and infrastructures.


Supporting the process of implementing and assimilating the layout in the city. Detailed specification of organizational structures for the various elements of a security layout in a safe city and support for the establishment and organizational change processes, specification of responsibility and authority definitions for each element, specification of work processes, formulation of work procedures for routine and emergency situations.


Characterization, planning and execution of training activities for the various elements of the security layout in a safe city. Characterization of training requirements and required level/standard of competence, specification of the required training courses, preparation of detailed training programs (supervisors, municipal response teams, police personnel, command and control center operators/teams) and actual delivery of the training activities.